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I keep forgetting how hard it is for me to talk to trans guys who aren’t part of/haven’t interacted with the gay male community

NotAiden about being between the trans and gay male community, and that things are a lot more complicated than “gay men are all transphobic assholes” “The reality is that for trans men with strong gay male identities there aren’t many places we can go.  We’re not straight.  We’re not cis.  Many of us are not gender conforming.” And we don’t mingle well with the ftm communities that formed out of  “former lesbians” who transitioned, and who often prefer to date each other; they often go to gay male spaces more like tourists, without really understanding the history of gay male spaces.

Blog admin’s note: Thank you for sharing his experiences, Anon23! I can’t say that I have had the same ones, I’ve experienced more transphobia in gay spaces, but that’s probably because about half of all the trans guys in my peer groups are also gay or bi or pan, so it’s pretty accepted.


Damn, Testosterone.

Every month or two, I have to use a pair of tweezers to yank out a couple hairs that are growing INSIDE my gauged lobe holes.

On a skin surface that only exists due to piercing, and used to just be the gooey insides of my ear lobes, but grew an epithelial layer by shoving a foreign object through my lobe and getting it to heal.

Testosterone is a hell of a drug.




Good morning


"Trans women are getting killed EVERYDAY & you think the struggle is over because you can put a ring on a finger?!"-CeCe McDonald


"Trans women are getting killed EVERYDAY & you think the struggle is over because you can put a ring on a finger?!"
-CeCe McDonald

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Reacting to Gay Trans Guy Porn!


A video that starts with a popular YouTuber struggling to say “Trans* Awareness Week” whilst holding back hysterical laughter was never going to be pleasant viewing, but the dysphoria triggering borderline mockery and misinformation spread through this video is beyond damaging to the trans community.

Many trans* men expressed their hurt in the comments section, and the dislikes began to pile up against the likes. Josh Rimer, the cisgender gay man in the video started to respond to hurt trans men’s comments saying that he “didn’t need their approval" and eventually, instead of listening to the hurt in the community, AGayCollab decided to remove the ability to comment or rate the video, leaving it up to keep spreading incorrect information to those who know little about the trans community.

Before this disabling of features, I messaged AGayCollab privately, requesting they remove the video, and offering total willingness to discuss with them the issues the video puts forward, and I was ignored.

Please, whether you are trans* yourself, or an ally, please sign this petition:

The petition is a peaceful one, not designed to cause a fight or raise hate against AGayCollab, or Josh or Jazmine who were in the video, all it asks is that the misinforming and triggering video is removed from YouTube. The petition will be shown to AGayCollab when it reaches a significant amount of signatures, to show that it isn’t just a few overly sensitive Trans* men that have a problem with the video, and that they must acknowledge the hurt and damage caused by the video.

If you are stealth you may use any alias to sign the petition, and can also select do NOT show my signature, so there will be no “paper trail” or risk of outing yourself, but your support will still make a difference.

*Also, please reblog to signal boost, as we cannot have this video removed without support from the community*

UPDATE: Josh Rimer has now reactivated these features, and said that Jazmine (the trans woman) in the video was the one to deactivate these features and deleted many users comments.

Josh Rimer is offering to add correct information in the description of the video, but this is simply not good enough, we cannot trust that everyone who watches the video will read the description, this video will still spread incorrect information, and on top of that will still trigger dysphoria!

So you had a huge outpouring of anger and you disabled and deleted comments, AGayCollab? Brilliant. Tons of people have asked you to remove the video, but you just can’t because OMG ALL THOSE VIEWS. THOSE ADDICTIVE VIEWS. PEOPLE SEEING MY FACE. EVEN IF THEY ARE HATING MY FACE.

Note to everyone breathing: when a ton of people politely or not-so-politely ask you to remove a video because it’s spreading misinformation, it takes two seconds to delete it. Save yourself from endless scorn. Maybe don’t be a dick.

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To the anonymous who was outed by his bf:

Hey, these are the famous gay bi-haters. They exist in every gay community, they are a minority, and they are a bit nuts. Remember: Either this guy has a serious vag-phobia (which is his own problem and has nothing to do with you. He might have had a dominant mother or whatever :D), or he has some other general problem. I had a gay coworker who was ranting about bisexuals like that- and about a year later he was in a serious relationship with a woman. Then there was this gay guy who had a problem with trans men - he was the only one, all the other guys were fine. The joke is, I met him again about 20 years later. And guess what- he was in a long term relationship with a trans guy :D I’m not making this stuff up! When you meet people like that you have to remember two things: they are the minority (my cis gay friends think they are nuts, too), and they have a serious internal problem, or they wouldn’t be so obsessed with the whole topic. But this has nothing to do with you. Don’t be defensive. Instead, go forward. Ask them questions that make *them* feel uncomfortable, carry the war into the enemy’s camp. Don’t “educate” these guys, just give them their own pill to swallow. They won’t learn from you, but you can make sure that they feel bad, not you. And don’t take them seriously! Chin up! :D

Gay Trans Guys

Anonymous said: Hi. I'm a gay Trans guy is it ok for me to post to your blog?

Yes of course!



We released the end of scene interview with Jade Phillips and @MrKeysXXX. Sebastian glows about his first scene with an ftm partner, and Jade shares thoughts on his first experience with edging and advice for trans men who want to work in porn. 

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An interesting text about effeminacy in the gay community by a Somalian man.

Thanks, Anon23!